My life is a business therefore, I must do things that will be the most profitable for me. That’s what I’ve started telling myself. And the more I think about it the more I realise it’s helping me make much better decisions in life. I’m seeing things with more clarity.

Now I’m not saying that this is the best way to deal with every situation that arises in life but as a foundation it’s working for me. As a business owner I am in charge of deciding what I should invest into. Whether that be time and/or money is a separate issue but they should be looked at in the same way – an investment. So, earlier last week, I asked myself whether I should join gym and whether or not it would be profitable for me. I conducted a little investment appraisal in my head and found that all the qualitative benefits and the quantitative benefits that it would eventually lead to outweighed the initial investment. For £50 a month I would have access to a swimming pool, sauna, and any gym equipment I could possibly need including boxing, spinning and yoga classes. This investment would increase my long-term health, make me happier and feel more confident in my body once I eventually reached my ideal weight. The increase in confidence would then ensure that I took more opportunities that came my way as opposed to being afraid of doing them now because I’m not completely happy with how I look. To me, this investment seems worthwhile and I will definitely profit from it.

Then there was the recent case of leaving who I believe is the love of my life to focus on what I need most; happiness and stability. My mental wellbeing wasn’t a mess per se but it definitely wasn’t in the state that I would require it to be for me to be able to be motivated enough to reach any of the many personal aims I have set. I was often left confused and in the dark about what was going on and the communication was deteriorating towards the end. It was draining. I was investing time, energy, love and had stopped getting anything in return. Although beneficial for a while, it wasn’t looking to be a long-term investment and therefore I had to dissolve the partnership. I was really hopeful that it was going to be mutually beneficial and that’s why I took the risk that I did. It didn’t work out. And so we move on.

I guess I’ve also started taking a look at the fact that I am in myself a brand. And no it isn’t as narcissistic as it sounds. Or maybe it is. When I go to a job interview I am trying to effectively market myself as a good investment. When I am meeting someone for the first time, I’m fully aware that the way I’m going to come across to someone will have an impact on my brand and be a deciding factor as to whether or not someone will want to work with me, start a partnership etc. The way I portray myself online will have an effect on how people view me too. Someone somewhere out there may be leaving a review about me in a whatsapp group and complaining about the horrific customer service they received. It all seems to be a bit of a game.

I think it’s an odd approach/outlook to life but when there is so much going on in this weird and wonderful world of ours what better way to view myself as a small business aiming to become a large, highly profitable, multi-national corporation. In a sense we’re all entrepreneurs of our own companies. We all have aims that we want to achieve, various goals we set up to help us get there, take many risks along the way, and invest time and money in things that may or may not work out. And we all want to gain something. Mainly money and happiness. So why not become more strategic about it. If anything this is stuff I do anyway but it’s just an easier way to make quick decisions based much less on emotion and places more emphasis on the return on investment.

A lot of people won’t agree but it’s actually become a really good coping method for me. If I get too emotional or passionate about something or if I can’t seem to detach myself from a situation to think clearly enough to make a proper decision, I detach and look at it as a business decision.


I probably need a therapist.

What do you think – is this a problematic approach or not? I’d like to hear your views. You can comment below, email me at hello@humairaaslam.com or tweet me @_HUMAIRAASLAM