Now, if you know me personally you will know that when it comes to creative expression, I am extremely controlling over how I want things to look. If they don’t look like how I envisioned then its either back to the drawing board (on a good day) or I throw a fit, start believing I have no talent and that I should permanently terminate my contract here on Earth (on a bad day). In essence, if it’s not how I wanted it to be, someone will suffer. *grins*

Now Lomography is the complete opposite of control and having your vision become something tangible and perfect. Analogue photography is unpredictable and due to this, I must say, it’s actually rather exciting. Since I’m new to it all and I’m learning about my cameras and what settings work best where, I have to let go of this attitude of ‘it has to be how I envisioned’ because I’m quickly figuring out it will most probably never turn out that way. It’s nice. I can already feel myself letting go and just having fun with it as opposed to controlling every detail. I am truly hoping this will improve how I deal with creativity in other forms. Maybe I will be able to let things go more and flow into the direction they need to go without straying too far from the original goal of what I wanted to create.

I first started becoming interested in photography not through the pictures I took but through the pictures my mum had taken of us as children. Mummaji was really big on photos and loved to capture every moment. Thank goodness for this because we have some really lovely stills of some of our most cherished memories and who wouldn’t want that? It wasn’t that my mum’s photography was so impressive more the fact that it always captured some sort of emotion. I want to do the same. We barely take any family photos anymore and I really want to change that. I don’t wanna miss more moments. It’s not about taking snaps every second of the day. For me it’s just about taking one that will say it all! So, why don’t I just do it all on my iPhone? Well I want pictures that can be passed around without the risk of someone swiping through my camera roll. I’m only kidding. I want actual pictures I can hold but I know I won’t be bothered to print out the ones on my phone, which brings me to my first ever camera purchase…

Lomo’Instant Montenegro

This beautiful camera is black leather and silver and yes – it’s an instant camera! I’ve only had it a few days and already I’m enjoying experimenting with it so much. I have never used a camera of this sort before but figuring out how to set it up was no trouble at all because it came with lots of cute little guides and tips to help along the way. The only trouble I had was that the battery chamber didn’t seem to fit the top two batteries (it takes four AAA batteries) but all I had to do was pull out the little silver prongs so that the batteries touched the end of the chamber and ta dah it worked!

The camera comes with three lenses in addition to the built-in wide-angle lens; a portrait lens, fisheye and close-up lens (lens caps included) all of which will help me fully experiment with this new hobby and I’m so glad I didn’t have to purchase them separately. I also purchased the camera with three Fujifilm Instax Mini Film (come in a pack of 10) which meant I saved a tiny bit. Seriously, it was tiny but every little bit helps, right? The camera also comes with these colour gels that you can pop over the cameras flash to give cool colour tints to images. But the best part? You get to see your picture develop before your eyes and that to me is a little magical. I feel like a little girl waiting to see what will appear on the film before me it’s that exciting!

In terms of getting used to using this camera, of course it comes with a guide and tips and on the bottom of the camera it has another guide in order to help you use the different settings however, I really have to do it for myself and make mistakes in order to figure out what works. So I have in fact taken a fair few shots that are really crap but it’s all a part of the process! I have now figured what settings to use for indoor shots but I’m still getting the hang of multiple exposures and outdoor shots. The most important thing is that I’m having fun and I hope I can actually get good at this.

I would definitely recommend this camera for anybody who is as shit as I am at using technology because if I can use it then anyone can! I read reviews about this camera after I purchased it and discovered that there were a few people who weren’t happy that the camera is made of plastic. Personally, I think it’s an advantage as you aren’t carrying around a bulky, heavy camera for a couple shots. It’s boxy, aesthetically pleasing and lightweight so the plastic thing doesn’t bother me one bit.

To find out more about the camera and the type of images you can produce click here:

Lomo’Instant cameras are available from £89.

I’m hoping that now I will be able to capture more significant moments in my life with a little creative flair and I will have something to look at when I’m old. I really do worry about not capturing things because I think back to the moments and just wish there was an image I could see that would aid my minds eye. I’m also incredibly fearful of forgetting things. Don’t know where I developed this fear from all of a sudden but there you go. Here are some of the initial experiment shots I took – I know they’re awful but with time I will (hopefully) get better and I’ll share the results.

My garden looking super creepy…



My first picture (I accidentally touched it while it was developing hence the blue patch)

I have also purchased the LomoKino which I have yet to properly experiment with but when I do I will write about it and show you what I filmed!

DISCLAIMER: Shaking your picture to help it develop doesn’t actually help it develop and if done rather vigorously you may actually get a slightly distorted image so don’t do it!

Thank you for taking the time out to have a look at my blog! I will keep you updated on my little photography endeavour. As always I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below, drop me a tweet @SOUTHALLYAT / @Hotstepper__ or if you’d like to write me an essay or suggest things you want me to write about you can send me an email –