Organisation is key. But it seems as though I am incapable of taking on one simple statement and making it a part of life. I think I need to be told like a child. I seem to come up with an incredible amount of excuses for my lack of productivity, consistency and organisation. I don’t think I am alone. My excuses are really holding me back from getting the most out of life and this has to change. It has to change because I desire and have the ambition to achieve a lot but putting that into action seems somewhat troublesome for my twenty and half years old brain. That just doesn’t seem right to me.

“Oh well, working in retail, the long hours…the unpredictable schedule…it’s all so exhausting”

“Oh I’m so tired I’ll do it another day”

“I would write on the train but carrying my laptop is annoying”

“I need to work out but I can’t seem to find the time”

Should I go on? It’s the same lame old excuses that a lot of us make. And yet some are lucky enough to work in a job, where they have normal 9-5 hours working Monday-Friday and still struggle to make things work. Why can’t we find the time for anything anymore? Why can’t I?

Now, I for one have like a lot of people written in cover letters or my cv over the years the terms “time management” and “organisation” and how I’m great at them. Which is true. When I’m at work. And then I come away from that and seem to have this chaotic personal life which never lets me achieve anything.

I do this thing where I do a big clean of my room and organise my diaries and the next two weeks ahead. I create an exercise regime, a prayer timetable is printed out and stuck into various notepads and on my wall etc. But I never stick to them because one deviation from the original plan and I’m completely derailed and everything turns on its head again.

Today all of that nonsense stops. It is so stressful for me to be setting myself five thousand tasks to achieve by the end of the week and not even achieving half. I’m giving myself much more than I can handle. I need one focus. Right now things like praying and exercise need to be integrated into life. After that I am going to give myself one other realistic focus. Something that I am interested in and something I may be able to achieve something in. That something shall be writing for the time being. I fully believe that one day I can be a published author. I don’t doubt my abilities. I just need to focus. On one thing. Not thousands. Anybody that knows me, will be aware that I want to set up a lot of businesses etc. but financially at the moment I am unable to even set up one. So why stress myself over it? Why not find a better source of income and work on those businesses at a later date?
I have devised a little plan for myself. The plan consists of the following objectives:

  • Work out four times a week and eat better.
  • Pray five times a day, read Quran at least once a week and read the translation at least twice a week.
  • Read more books.
  • Write more blogs.
  • Gain my Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner qualifications.

The last one is highly important for my career change (so maybe that’s two focuses then…). Working in retail is fine. I don’t mind and don’t knock anyone who’s making a long term career out of it and moving up to became managers etc. But personally, it’s not somewhere I want to be for the rest of my life. I became interested in project management when I was 15, when I took on the role of being a project manager in this entrepreneur day my school had. My team won and I was happy because I loved the whole experience. Of course, that’s going to be very different from the reality of being a project manager but I feel it’s a very realistic route for me to go down at the moment. I think knowing how to manage small and large projects and having all that experience will be very beneficial to me. I still have the same end career goals of being an entrepreneur but there are various different stepping stones I need to cross to get there I suppose.

Most of the time I am too excited about things and logic goes out the window and I have these big fantasies of what I want to create but recently I’ve really been trying to best to reign that side of me in. The creative in me can come out when I have the money to let her out! And when I can be creative in an organised manner. There is such a thing trust me.

This isn’t really for anyone in particular to read. It’s my own resolution but I wanted to put it on the blog so it’s out there in the universe. I am determined to get what I deserve out of life. No excuses.