There’s been many moments in my life when I thought about putting pen to paper and writing a diary but I really couldn’t be bothered. Plus I always thought that if I died and someone read it I’d be mortified. I don’t feel comfortable writing about my real life because I just laugh at what comes out on the page and think rah how pathetic – is that me yeah? I also love writing stories but I don’t think I’m that great at it yet. I need to work on developing everything I do further whether it’s the plot, the characters I’m imagining, the structure of the writing etc. My brain tends to jump from one thing to another so often I find it incredibly difficult to stay focused on one aim. I guess this may help me to stay focused, continue developing and practicing my skills. So the main content of this blog will be fictional stories and some non-fiction about me. Then I’ll write anything and everything else that happens to pop into my head because I can. If you like it share it. Heh.